Neil Thorpe

As a full qualified CISI wealth manager, Neil has helped empower in excess of 150 clients with advice and solutions for the full spectrum of wealth planning. Every client’s inquiries and investment goals are an opportunity for Neil to reflect and understand them at a human level, ensuring he can provide a holistic tailored experience that will help equip them with the tools, information, and knowledge to achieve their own financial success.

Polished and honed by 15 years of industry-leading experience, Neil now continues to pursue his dream of leaving behind a legacy at 10X Wealth Management, a financial advisory firm of his own making. Empowerment and growth of all his clients remain at the helm of everything 10X stands for – and with every individual that is brought closer to their potential, so are they closer to achieving their happiness and success.

– Neil Thorpe

Co-Founder and Managing Partner – 10X Wealth Management
Financial Health Check
Create an adaptable, evolving relationship with your financial health and live life the way you choose.
Retirement Planning
Start the rest of your life today with a clear understanding of your financial needs paving the way for a lifetime of financial stability
Regular Savings
Forming an exhaustive understanding of your financial health is the first step in creating lasting change to your spending and saving habits
Education Funding
The sooner you begin planning you and your family’s educational endeavors, the faster you’ll start seeing returns
Lump Sum Solutions
Discover how to attain the highest possible returns from your investments with lifestyle and market trend insights.
Property Investment Service
In search of a strong financial portfolio while making a healthy investment? Try investing in property.
International Mortgages
Put your long-term overseas investments in the hands of extensively knowledgeable advisors.
Trust Services
Ensure you and your loved ones get the most out of your financial investment
Self-invested Personal Pension (SIPP)
Invest the way you want, when you want, and where you want
Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS)
Discover the vast benefits of establishing a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme in ease and comfort
Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme (QNUPS)
Make the most out of your pension with a Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme
Discretionary Management
Let us manage your wealth to provide the largest future gains.
Estate Planning & Will Writing
Establish control over your wealth and assets the way you deem best
Offshore and International Banking
Optimize your asset management with best-in-class interest rates and privacy
Medical Insurance
A stable future begins with investment in you and your loved ones
Life Insurance
Insurance is the best policy in protecting the people closest to you
Foreign Exchange
Save, travel, and invest internationally in the most efficient ways possible
Structured Products
Highly customisable products with some of the largest private investment banks

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Founding Managing Director - Asia360 Co. Ltd

Ian Spurdle

Neil and his team first moved a UK Pension pot overseas for me in late 2013. Like most long term expats I needed pension investment advice, commentary and someone to give me options and deadlines, ask me questions and suggest suitable blue chip investment products that would give me good growth, good protection and also flexible options on taking income.

Quarterly Call Notes worked well for me. Now at the end of their 5 year period, Neil who is excellent at keeping me informed has just spent personal time assessing previous performance, learning some lessons and guiding me through the available replacement products. Noting that my priorities remain a balance of growth, protection, and income flexibility, previous income performance has been above my expectation which I hope to repeat.

I have trust in Neil, the company he represents and the financial products that they choose to make available to people with similar expatriate pension needs as me. I happily recommend Neil on this alone, and doubly so if you are in Thailand where there is a particular shortage of good professional financial advice.

Another benefit worth highlighting is the very professional client services and admin team in Bangkok that Neil works with – organized, responsive and helpful, English speaking and including expat staff – so things are done on time and not allowed to fall between any cracks.

Managing Director - Petroleum Consultants

Daryl Brighouse

Neil has been advising me now for over a year on my financial management plans to provide for a well planned retirement.

I admit to being extremely dubious in commencing any further such investment strategies after being badly burnt with several other supposedly leading investment planners in Thailand as well as the usual five calls a week from various people who were going to make me a millionaire on two months.

However Neil has consistently delivered what he has forecast on time and on prediction. No incredible too good to be true gains for 6 months then even more incredible crashes for the rest of the period - only good, sound financial planning advice.

Neil gives sound advice on every proposal he has, is very clear on the potential upsides as well as explicit on the possible down sides. The fee structure is well explained and the relationship between himself, 10X Wealth Management and the institutions with which he places my funds is also very clear.

He makes a conscious effort to provide quarterly updates and is always very well prepared. Dealing with him is an absolute pleasure. Not knowing anything about this “investment” type stuff, I tend to leave everything to him to organize and manage on my behalf. To date the professionalism shown has been everything I could have asked for.

In short I would be more than happy to recommend Neil to any person looking for a competent, highly organized, reliable and results driven financial advisor. He has delivered consistently for me and I wish him well.

Senior Marine Consultant - Chevron Marine

Captain Ian Cardno

Mr Neil Thorpe, working with 10X Wealth Management, helped me move my UK Pension Fund to Gibraltar STM Group. The cost to move the Fund was massively less than what the costs would have been, using my previous Financial advisor in Scotland. The transaction was conducted in a very efficient and professional manner and always, clearly explained.

Over our first year of, 2017, Mr Neil Thorpe has managed and given excellent support and advice, on my pension plan and investments. We are operating a Low Risk Investment structure, which is what I wanted and in the last year, even after taking off the initial costs of buying into the Morgan Stanley Developed Markets Income Note(s), the Pension Fund has grown at 5% and in 2018, with no further costs to pay, apart from the 1% 10x Wealth Management Service charges, we expect the Fund to grow more strongly in the years ahead.

In the first year 10x Wealth Management did not charge any monies. Now the 1% annual charges are very good as other companies known to take 1.5%.We have 4 meetings each year and on every occasion, Neil explains in such clear details, the performance of the Funds and provides Quarterly Statements, which is clearly understood. In the past year Neil has helped me find very good Equity Funds where even in the first year, we made changes, which improved the Growth Rate of the Pension Fund, without any losses.

Neil is a very handsome, smart and professional man and I am delighted to have been so lucky to become involved with him and his Company. I can strongly recommend to anyone looking for good investment advice, to seriously look at having him help you as your Financial Advisor. Neil can also travel to meet at home.

To have this availability of frequent contact is very reassuring, knowing that your Investments are closely being monitored, each quarter and to witness the successes being achieved, is the goals we all want. My congratulations to Mr Neil Thorpe – for a job well done.